Sunday, 12 June 2011

UK Masters 2011

The UK Masters 2011 ( just concluded. It is basically UK’s biggest Warmachine tournament and with approx. 120 participants this year, it has turned out to be one of the world’s largest WM tournament ever held. It was won by none other than Jamie Perkins of Team Octopii, who also won a major tournament in Holland (if I’m not mistaken) a few months ago. He played Old Witch, pVlad and pIrusk of Khador in a rather diverse meta. Khador and Trollbloods are known to be popular in the UK and this shows from the meta breakdown below.

Khador = 18
Trollbloods = 15
Circle = 12
Cygnar = 12
Legion = 11
Cryx = 10
Menoth = 10
Mercenaries = 8
Skorne = 7
Scyrah = 4
Minions = 2

A link to the results can be found in the following link. (

Top 8 consist of:
1. Khador
2. Cryx
3. Cryx
4. Circle
5. Legion
6. Trollbloods
7. Menoth
8. Menoth

Unlike last year, players need to bring 3 list and play them at least once in the 7 round event. Jamie P playing Old Witch was expected as it is his "go-to" caster. What intrigued me was the inclusion of Behemoth and no Beast-09. To many people, B-09 is a khadoran auto-pick but Jamie P's win proves that you don't need a Beast-09 to win.

Team Octopii are, if not, THE team to beat at the moment in Europe.

What do you think of the tournament and the metagame? The top 2 Cryx (2nd and 3rd placings) have the highest strength of schedule points in the tournament. Could this be an indication of Cryx's generally being better than other factions? 

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