Sunday, 19 June 2011

On The Net #2

 Lock and Load

Lock and Load is finally here!! Big Blue is seen is its full glory, awesome tables, Circle of Orboros battle engine mock up is seen, eAlexia (and her card) is spoiled, etc. Head over to these threads for more details and pics!

Among rumours discovered in L&L includes:-
-          Metal Warpwolf warbeast kit released in 2012.
-          At least 1 new character warbeast for each Hordes faction in Domination.
-          2012 expansions will include Gaspy3 and Lylyth3…


Wrath has been released and the interwebs is buzzing with what’s new and what’s worth it. Scyrah got the most toys (as expected) and the Menite Battle Engine abilities are finally known. If you haven’t got your hands on this book, I strongly recommend getting one asap!

Diecon 2011

Diecon has concluded and Cryx brought a strong showing (  Most played casters were the following:

Cryx: Mortenebra
Cygnar: eCaine, eHaley, eStrkyer
Khador: pButcher
Menoth: Harbinger
Scyrah: Rahn
Merc: Ashlynn
Circle: Baldur, eKaya, Kromac
Legion: pThagrosh
Trollbloods: eDoomshaper (!)
Minions: Lord Carver

eDoomie was a surprise, considering that the trollblood community around the net agreeing that it is their weakest warlock among the lot.

Southpaw Art & Design

Stumbled upon a very interesting site, Southpaw Art & Design (, that provides 3rd party Warmachine wreck markers of all sizes. They are affordable and really add some aesthetic value to the game. Another interesting token that they provide are called “basehuggers”.  It’s pretty much a token that hugs your base, providing some tidiness amongst the chaotic battlefield.

Rumours from Lock and Load definitely got lots of tails wagging. What do you think of the 3rd iteration of Gaspy and Lylith? Should PP release more epic versions of existing characters before introducing the 3rd iteration level?

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  1. 3rd Iteration of Gaspy?!?!?!?! Tell me more man! First I've heard of it. So, they'll go from Epic to....Super?