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Following off from the previous article, let’s take a look at cavalry units in Warmachine.

Menoth: Exemplar Vengers

A knightly ride.

Arguably the weakest cavalry in the game, but that does not mean it is unplayable. They need to get damaged in order to get benefits. Don’t let the weapon master ability on the sword fool you as with PS 9, it pretty much does as much damage as your lance. The most attractive part about this unit is that it is considered to be an exemplar. Abilities that only benefits exemplars (i.e. Gravus’ Brother’s Keeper) will also benefit this unit. Defender’s Ward on this unit makes them great, but Defender’s Ward on anything makes it great. Testament of Menoth loves this unit. Vengers greatly benefit from his feat and with the Revive spell, you can be sure that the whole unit will be charging on feat turn.

Cryx: Soulhunters

How did you not see this coming?!!

So far, the only Light Cavalry unit in Warmachine. Being Undead helps sometimes and having the Body Count ability makes it an absolute nightmare to be in melee with. The unit excels further when led alongside by Darragh Wrathe, the Cryx cavalry solo. Gaining Incorporeal is such an underestimated effect. eGaspy use to love the Soulhunters but post-Errata, eGaspy’s feat does not work on them anymore. Terminus makes them Tough and Coven is able to make them Stealth. The only problem is that you barely see Cryx players play them because of Bane units. Bane units solves everything. XD

Cygnar: Storm Lances

Lightning and horses goes together.

Storm Lances have so many things good about them. Being Cygnaran, they have access to Arcane Shield from either a warcaster or a jr. warcaster. Assault Order gives them an additional attack to play with. Electro Leap kills warrior models not only in melee, but from afar when you shoot your own stormblades to clip that stealthed model via the leap. Being immune to electricity allows it to fight alongside the Thunder Head and contribute to Electro Leap shenanigans. With Kathy Laddermore, their attack and damage rolls are further boosted. Under eStryker’s feat, you can be assured that models WILL die in the masses. Unfortunately due how Cygnar casters play, this unit is often overlooked!

Scyrah: Dawnguard Destors

Was supposed to be a fabled unicorn pic, but PP had to spoil the part and actually release models for these...

The reason why the Exemplar Vengers are “arguably the weakest cavalry in the game” is because of the Destor’s existence. Due to the ‘interesting’ nature behind the history of the Destors, I can bravely say that there just isn’t much experience surrounding this unit’s capabilities. Having a ROF 2 ranged weapon and Dual Shot makes this a weird unit to play with. Unyielding does help but having an ROF 2 ranged weapon makes you want to just stand and shoot with it. Ravyn’s Snipe is a good ability for the Destors to have, but there are many other units you can play with Ravyn instead of the Destors for better army effectiveness.

Mercenaries: Steelhead Heavy Cavalry

Steelhead Heavy Cavalry, not Steelhead Trout!

Assault, Backswing, Brutal Charge. This unit needs to be played more. The flank ability makes it brutal, but you will be forced to play the steel head halberdiers. The best part about this unit is that it is cheap compared to other cavalry. With Ashlynn’s Quicken on it, it boast a frightening 15” charge range or a 10” ride-by-attack! Damiano’s Money shot makes it hit as hard as some of the hardest cavalry hitters out there in the game!

Khador: Iron Fang Uhlans

If only...

Relentless Charge is such an underestimated ability. Pathfinder is such a simple rule, yet it can determine the tides of the battle. While Khador have ways to give its unit Pathfinder, Iron Fang Uhlans (IFU) have it inherently when they charge. This assures you that the Cavalry Unit WILL GET THERE. IFUs tend to work best with eVlad. Under feat turn, these horsies becomes warjack material. Units will have a tough time to bring it down, hence allowing Khador to win the attrition battle.

Which cavalry unit do you think is the best and the weakest amongst the lot? Why?

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  1. My soulhunters have been an extremely mixed bag. In MK I I used them a decent amount (without Daragh Wrathe even), but I've only used them a handful of times in MK II. Anything with decent armor seems to make a mockery of their attacks and anything left standing after the charge tends to cut them into little pieces quickly. However, I'm thinking of using them again, but with Lord Exhumator Scaverous this time for the +2 armor boost. Thoughts?