Sunday, 12 June 2011

On The Net #1

Lock & Load

Matt Wilson, Cygnar Mechanic extra-ordinaire

Lock and Load is happening on June 18th onwards, which is this weekend!! Every Warmahordes player’s favourite man, Matt Wilson, posted a very intriguing pic on his twitter account ( First Gaspy, now an Ironclad?! It would be very interesting to see these two side by side!!

Dropped Objects

Broken Behemoth by tonyzahn, pioneer of the Extremoth. Not due to a drop, but you get the drift...

A very interesting article popped up in the Privateer Press forums, titled “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever dropped” ( If you are like me and love miniatures, do read it with care as it is definitely not for the faint hearted! Aeryn Reudel, Editor-in-chief of the No Quarter Magazine, posted in the thread that of all things he dropped, it had to be a Khadoran Decimator owned by Ed Bourelle, his boss and also the Creative Manager. Definitely not the best of impressions to leave to your boss…

Arcantrik Field Generator Conversion

 Temoinlanuit's amazing Arcantrik Field Mobile Armour

Temoinlanuit posted his WIP converted Arcantrik Field Generator ( It is a truly creative conversion and words cannot describe how awesome it looks! With a battle engine like that, one simply CANNOT lose on the battlefield!

Feel the Wrath!

Yeap, Wrath is out! There are loads of previews and spoilers available online now, amongst them at  and I’m the kind of guy who prefers to be read the new stuffs upon release (although, a few spoilers here and there is fine) but if you want to know info asap, do visit those sites!

Welcome to the Herd / You got Ponied


In case the news hasn’t reached you yet, My Little Pony has somewhat taken over the Cryxian NightMare Empire ( Its influence is spreading and spreading fast. Even Mr. Black of BoLS fame have succumbed to its nefarious ways ( Disturbing? Yes. Popularity? Off the charts!


  1. The mobile armour Arcantrik Generator is probably my favourite of the bunch. Definitely looks better than the original battle engine design :3

  2. Being so imposing, it will tend to be a fire magnet hence enabling your other stuffs to survive longer XD.

    The original design is nice, but I've no idea why it reminds me of Pokemon...