Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Habits! The good, the bad, and the weird…

Everyone have their own habits when playing Warmachine. Most are LGS specific, but there are some habits that are considered a worldwide phenomenon. Habits are infectious whether good, bad or weird. Habits mostly appear as the player finds his/her comfort zone. Below is a list of some habits found in individuals or in LGS that I’ve managed to gather based on observations and the interwebs.

The Good

- When rolling for damage, player says "dice plus/minus X”. If the PS and ARM is equal, player says “straight dice”.

The Neutral (neither good nor bad)

- A 5 life solo got hit. Damage roll at -3. Player says “8+ to kill”.
- Immediately removing a 1 life model with damage roll at -1, 0, +1, etc.
- If you can’t balance a model on a terrain, it cannot be placed.
- Sniper’s 1 damage is referred as “ping for 1 at column 4”.
- Referring a damaged system as “busted” (i.e. busted cortex).
- Saying “3+ to hit” instead of “anything but ones”, refusing to say “ones”. (my personal habit)
- Naming their warjacks/warbeasts/solos
- While many LGS have an understanding rule that all cocked dice are re-rolled, there are LGS where cocked dice are not re-rolled. The side that faces up the “most” is the number rolled. If it’s too tough to tell which side it is, only then it is re-rolled.

The Bad

- Not using wreck markers once jacks are destroyed “for convenient purposes”.
- Turning warjacks around to represent a wreck.
- Laying a model on its side to indicate the knocked down effect. (this should be avoided as it disturbs the model’s facing when the model stands up).
- Not marking spell-based effects with tokens.
- Measuring movement from center of model.

The Weird

- Rolling a bunch of dice before starting the game, picking out the high rolling ones.
- Kissing their models after it “out-performed” itself.
- Playing the game while in character (i.e. the medieval knight, the pirate scum, the irish bartender, etc)
- Player adds in “sound effects”

What habits do you have or notice while playing a game of Warmachine at your LGS?


  1. OMG I've seen just about all of these, especially the weird ones!

  2. My dice ritual is a perfectly good habit that has won me games many times!