Saturday, 22 October 2011

Terrain Tables from people of the internet

It is always nice to play on a well detailed terrain table. It really adds a nice narrative touch to your game and the sight of your minis on it is simply breathtaking! I will let the pictures below do my bidding.

Swamp Table

by AgeOfEgos


by Frekke


by Atlantean

Clockwork Cove

by Atlantean

Modular Urban Terrain Project (deserves 2 photos)

by YabaBaga

Wilderness Gameboard (WIP but you know it's gonna be awesome!)

by sonofblight

The above pics are compiled from the Privateer Press forums. I use to have pictures of really good tabletop terrains saved on a folder but it unfortunately did not get transferred when I switched over to a new computer. It included great terrain tables from other game systems like Warhammer 40k/Fantasy, Battlefield Gothic(!), etc. Being impressed by how awesome the terrain table looks is only half the story. One would have to see the efforts went through in making it in order to really appreciate the efforts put into it.

I hope this post is an inspiration for us to make and play on better terrain tables!

Any pictures/links of awesome terrain tables you'd like to share?

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  1. I found the BFG table pic!!

    This table was made from glass, painted 'inside out'. The surface you actually play on is the underside of the glass!

    The table can be found at Legio Malaysia,