Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Over 2000 Page Views!

Did a quick stat check today and realised that since IK Daily's opening in early June, this blog has generated over 2000 page views in just 16 weeks! After going back through all the efforts into making this blog work, it really made my day! Just wanna say thanks to all that has contributed and a special thanks to those who has commented in the comments section!

Like any other authors, I have writers block from time to time and due to work-related issues, I find it challenging to produce a well written and editted article on time. I have already missed a total of 2 article's self-imposed deadline and it dis-heartened me. Nevertheless, this achievement pumped me to do better next time!


  1. Keep the blog articles coming! I enjoy reading them as they give me food for thought - especially your cheating article. I also like that you respond to comments as well, doesn't seem many bloggers do so.

  2. Well done and keep it up !!!