Sunday, 11 September 2011

Boosting with Power Booster

In the previous article, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Jack Marshalling. In this article, I will further elaborate on what I believe is one of the most underrated spell in Warmachine; Power Booster.

Power Booster in summary: Target warjack with no focus within range gains 1 focus.

Rather than having your warcaster allocate 1 focus to the warjack, Power Booster gives that particular warjack 1 focus point. This focus point is usually used in early games to run your warjack or to boost an attack. That additional focus “saved” could be used on the following:

1) Cast an additional spell
Rather than casting the spell in turn 2 because you were 1 focus short on turn 1, you can cast it on turn 1 instead and upkeep it the following turn. This means that in the following turn, you have additional focus to spend on something else.

2) Boost an attack of a spell
Would you rather roll a 2d6+FOC6 vs DEF 14 or 3d6+FOC6 vs DEF 14? That one focus saved from power boosting your warjack (to perhaps, boost the warjack’s ranged attack) can be used to boost your attack/damage.

3) Overboost your armour
Being a warcaster does not mean you have to cast a spell every turn. If casting a spell that turn would not help you achieve your objective for that particular turn, it is likely that you should keep your focus to overboost your armour instead. Your opponent’s confidence would be hampered if he sees 4 focus sitting on your warcaster instead of 1. Power Booster helps you achieve that and makes your warjack effective at the same time.

There are currently only 4 models with Power Booster in the game.
Cygnar: Arlan Strangeways

Cryx: Warwitch Siren

Khador: Koldun Lord

Retribution: Arcanist

These models are cheaply costed (1-2pts) and tend to be played sticking near the warjacks they are intending to power boost. It is wise to note that although these models’ primary function is to power boost warjacks, they can also be played offensively (i.e. Warwitch Siren). Even though the Koldun Lord and Arlan Strangeways are Jack Marshals, they are able to make the warjack as effective as a marshalled jack even without marshalling due to Power Booster. Jack Marshalling and power booster yields 2 focus per warjack, but sometimes gaining benefits from battlegroup-based spells are more worth it. If your Jack Marshall dies, your warjack would not suffer autonomous setbacks because it isn’t marshalled to begin with.

Power Booster brings a different dimension to the game of jack marshalling and focus efficiency. Not only does it make you save focus for other important necessities, it also allows peudo-jack marshalling. For low to average focus stat warcasters, this option is greatly appreciated!

Would you consider some of the solos stated above as solid solos if they did not have the Power Booster ability?

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  1. Power Boost? Underrated? What kind of Cryx players do you have round your way?