Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ridin' Solo

I'm puttin' on my shades to cover up my eyes, I'm jumpin' on my ride, I'm headin' out tonight, I'm solo.

Let’s have a look at some of the best 2pt solos in the game. For the purpose of this article, only Warmachine factions will be considered.

Kovnik Jozef

This solo only excels when working with a Winterguard Infantry (WGI) unit and excel he does. Jozef is one of the reasons why the WGI Deathstar configuration one of the most versatile units in the game. “Courage of the Forefathers” makes the unit Tough and helps Khador’s attrition cause while “For the Motherland” boosts the unit’s range attack rolls. This is indeed a very welcomed ability for a unit who is able to make Grapeshot spray attacks from each trooper model.

Warwitch Siren
Fanart by thevampiredio

This Orgoth witch is known to be a mini-Deneghra simply because her abilities are somewhat similar. She packs Power Booster (one of the best underdog spells in the game) and most importantly, that SP8 Venom. Infantries should steer clear away from her if able.

She tends to stick with warjacks, but do remember that she can also go more on the offensive route due to her  SPD 7, Reach and Shadowbind. For non-reach warjacks, it is absolutely disastrous to succumb to Shadowbind. It would require some form of support to take the warwitch down but at DEF 15, chances of her surviving is quite high.

Vassal of Menoth

E.N.L.I.V.E.N. Annoying as heck! Amateur players tend to get caught off guard by this ability and if played well, even experienced players find it tough to get around it. Enliven is one of the best defensive spells in the game and fortunately for the Vassal, he too can go offensive by making a warjack hit one more time via Ancillary Attack. Nothing beats the sight of a Redeemer launching an extra rocket or a Reckoner flaring up someone again…!


Not only is Gorman one of the best 2 pointed solo in the game, he is one of the best solo in WarmaHordes! For 2 points, you get a stealthed model that is immune to corrosion and fire. He is able to make a 3” aoe cloud effect and more importantly, able to throw a Black Oiled grenade at RNG 6. Black Oil does so many negative things to a model that for the most of them, it is pretty much out of the game for one round (considering it isn’t dead yet from other forms of attacks). Annoyingly, this sets up Gorman for another round of Black Oil should your opponent fail to kill him the turn it got black oiled. Gorman is one solo where if you see it across the board, he needs to die and he needs to die fast!

Squire or a mini-Mariner? (conversion made by CT GAMER)

A staple in a Cygnaran army and you need a damn good reason to not include the if you are playing the Yellow Swans of the Iron Kingdom. For 2 points, you get an additional focus for up to 3 turns. This means eHaley gets an effective 9 focus or pNemo potentially playing with 11 focus for that particular turn!

Besides supplying your warcaster an additional focus, it also extends his/her control area by 2”. Not only does this allow you to pre-measure more distances, some spells/feats that relies on your control area gains this benefit too. It allows you to pre-measure your weapon’s max range (i.e. Siege & Kara Sloan).

Retribution of Scyrah
Mage Hunter Assasin

Everyone fears her striking power. Noone wants to get hit by it and they will likely spend resources to kill it as soon as possible. You definitely one to field more than 1 of her and her FA 2 balances that out. Any damage over armour is doubled is indeed something to be worried about. Even though her PS is a measly 9, she has weaponmaster and with SPD 7 and a 4” melee range on activation, she WILL reach your lines. To top it off, she ignores buffs to DEF and ARM from spell effects. She still has abit of trouble breaking through a Khadoran heavy, but chances of it dealing >50% of damage to a light warjack is quite high. Reports from the interwebs have shown that she have one-shot killed the likes of Hunter, Bouncer, Seraph, Repenter, Dervish, etc…

There you have it. The best 2pt solos in the game from my point of view. Which solo do you think is the best in the game (of Warmachine) and why?

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