Friday, 1 July 2011

Changes I'd like to see in Mk.III

It’s been only 1+ year since Mk.II was released. Like all things in life, although the game is quite polished already, there are definitely room for improvements. Here’s what I’d like to see in Mk.III.

Elemental System
“A model/unit susceptible to a certain kind of elemental damage (i.e. fire) receives an additional +2 damage when hit by that elemental weapon/effect/spell.”

Double K.O.
There are a few models/units having elemental damage (i.e. fire, corrosion, etc) on their weapons/spells. New players tend to think of this as a buff, but in actual fact, it isn’t. Having an elemental damage on your weapon is actually a setback because unlike normal damage, there are some models out there immune to a certain kinds of elemental-based effects. If we actually include the rule as stated above, elemental damages now matters and can play a further role. I just think elemental damage have so much more potential compared to what it is now and I’d love to see this change.

Critical Hit
“When a critical hit is made, the attacking model receives +2 to attack damage rolls towards attacked model.”

Getting a critical hit is always fun. Currently, critical hit only happens when is tied to a certain ability (i.e. critical freeze). What I’d love to see changed is the inclusion of a “vanilla critical hit”. It adds more excitement to the game and gives a chance for weak models to “potentially” hurt a heavy model (I'd think that +2 to damage isn't game-breaking enough). Also, days of people screaming “CRITICAL NOTHING!!!!!” when scoring a vanilla crit will be gone! For balance issues (if it ever pops up), I recommend limiting this rule only to melee attacks.

So there you have it. The above are some changes I'd like to see in Mk.II on the general side of things. Surely there are some faction-based changes I'd like to see, but that deserves another story for another day.

What would you like to see included/changed in Mk.III?


  1. Remove or redo tough. Terrible rule.

  2. How would you prefer Tough to be though? 5+ does seem fine IMO. Perhaps make it trigger on destroyed instead of disabled?