Saturday, 9 July 2011

On The Net #3

GenCon 2011

GenCon is just around the corner and the T-shirt design has been released ( It’s always good to see lady soldiers get some face-time in the iron kingdoms.

Papercraft terrain

Dave Graffam ( is one heck of a designer. In his site you can find paper terrain designed by him and some of them are absolutely fabulous. I recommend building them using cardboard though. Even though lifespan of such terrains are known to be short, you’d still want to make it last as long as possible as I doubt you’d want to re-make this over and over again.

Maelstrom ETC 2011

Maelstrom Games, one of the world’s biggest online retailer for tabletop wargaming, recently held a tournament called ETC 2011 ( Team Octopii lost out the first spot by a whisker but apparently they fought through some really tough teams. Sadly, they didn’t meet the German team who won this even throughout the tournament (meeting them could push Team Octopii to top spot).

What caught my eye (besides that buxom man-o-war pilot) was the papercraft terrain from dave graffam. Do you agree in using papercraft terrain? Is it worth the hassle to assemble them, only for it to have a short life span?


  1. I think the papercraft terrain has its advantages in terms of transport, storage and reduced tear-down time, particularly for events, but I wouldn't like to have to find the budget for a new set over and over and over again.

    The "I'm Still Learning" sign is marvellous. I want one.

  2. I want that sign too... XD

  3. I'm a fan of the stuff over at Personally, I've had cardstock terrain generally last a year or more if left in place and if its not thrown around or otherwise trashed, you can get several good months out of it at least. It also partially depends on how well put together it is to begin with.