Saturday, 12 November 2011

Naming Warjacks/Warbeasts

Warmachine is a game based on characters. It is only natural to bump into a person who insists on naming his warjacks/warbeasts. For today’s article, I have decided to touch more on a personal note and would like to share warjacks/warbeasts I own that has been given a name.

Name: Bonine (boh-nahyn)

“Beast oh-nine” became somewhat tedious to call. Since it is usually abbreviated to B-09, I tend to call it “Bonine” last time and the moniker stuck. Unsurprisingly, Bonine has gotten me the most kills throughout my WM lifetime. I love this model because I took great care in cleaning up the model before painting it. It was also my first time applying long grass to the base and was quite pleased with how the icy runes turned out. Another cool fact about Bonine was that it got loaned off to a friend for a tournament which my friend eventually won with it.

Name: Big-B (Big-Bee)

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Khador’s Behemoth being named Big-B is a cliché. It is, afterall, the widely received nickname for him online. I love this name so much that I just don’t see myself calling him the Behemoth anymore. An interesting fact about Big-B is that I bought him second hand and painted already. The paint scheme differs from my army (especially the red) and the original painter applied dipping material on top of the paintjob heavily. Big-B plays a significant role in my pSorscha army but has unfortunately been disrupted by Eiryss one time too many.

Name: Dave (Deyv)

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Dave the Devastator affectionately got its name from its name (De-vas-ta-tor à Da-ves-ta-tor à Dave-stator à Dave). It’s silly, but I just find “Dave the Devastator” soo fitting! I posed it in its open position and gave it a ‘sharky’ look by flipping its horn/spike upwards. Besides obscenely flashing himself, Dave loves pushing things around. With its horn facing upwards and the odd love of pushing things, it tends to get compared to a dung beetle.

Dire Troll Mauler
Name: Cookie Monster (koo`k-ee-mon-ster)

One of the best sculpts I love from Privateer Press and one of the reasons why I bought a small Trollblood Force. The “I NEED NOMS” pose is simply outstanding! After reading the fluff in the Trollblood book, I decided that this guy also should be chained by the tree as the warlock waits for the battle. Naming him was easy (big, blue, and wants food).

Do you name your warjack/warbeasts? What is your inspiration behind the name?

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  1. I can't seem to locate Big-B and Dave the Devastator's pics in my computer. Seems like I need to take a pic again and upload them asap once I get back to my home country :|.